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LED Optics
LED Optics focus the light of leds for deeper penetration and greater par at greater depths.

60 Degree Lens

60 degree lens-Not as direct as the 90 and 120.  This lens has a wider spray of light so it does not penetrate as deep as others. Great for tanks 12-18"

90 Degree Lens

This lens is great for tanks 18-24".  Light beam is more narrow than the 60 but not as narrow as the 120.

120 Degree Lens

This is the most narrow lens.  This lens is great for penetrating greater depths, but can sometimes give tanks spotlighting effects.  These are good to use staggered above your sandbed.  It is good to organize these, LEDs with less narrow optics, and LEDs without optics depending on the depths of rocks and sandbeds.